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Your insurance may cover your treatment 

Is TMS Right for me? 

1. Have you tried several antidepressants with no effect?  

2. Have you been diagnosed with major Depressive disorder? 

3, Do you feel helpless, like nothing seems to make you happy? 

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)

  • Non-Invasive treatment for depression

  • Treatments are done in the physicians office

  • Clinically proven to treat and address symptoms of Treatment Resistant Depression

TMS Clinical Results*

  • (72.7%) achieved responder status during at least one rating with dTMS continuation within four weeks.

  • (63.6%) achieved remission status at some point during treatment continuation.

"The only side effect was headaches in the beginning. I've noticed lots of changes,most notably I can think clearly,without that heavy fog. I don't get upset by small things as easily, and I can actually make myself get up and live life." Amanda J. 

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